Friday, August 1, 2008

"I am that I am"

Dear Friends,

Thank you so much for your patience. Lynn and Heidi have been hard at work reformatting LUNAPHASES, so it's bigger, better and even more applicable. We are gearing up for a full-fledged return with a new approach and format!

Meanwhile, today is the New Moon in Leo. The phrase for Leo is "I am that I am."

It's all about identity, courage and the heart! And it's about shining fearlessly into the world. It's not a time to hide your light.

Lynn and Heidi Rose

Thursday, June 5, 2008

We're taking a little hiatus...

We'll be back July 2nd with the new moon in Cancer.

Meanwhile, know that the phrase for Gemini is "I see my other self and in the waning of that self, I grow and glow."

See what that brings up for you over this month!

With much appreciation and love,
Lynn and Heidi

Monday, May 19, 2008

TAURUS - The Full Moon of Light and Beauty REALIZED

Taurus Full Moon -- TAKE 2: It's not so much a repeat as a second chance to go deeper into your ability to let go of the old ways of perceiving yourself and others. The next two weeks are the time to delve further inward for your true beauty with the second Full Moon in Taurus and the Hand Analysis skill set of Sensual Connection to Source.

TAURUS -- The Full Moon of Light and Beauty REALIZED
Monday, May 19, 2008, 7:11 pm PDT


Surprise, Surprise! There are two full moons in Taurus this year. (This caught LUNAPHASES by surprise -- we were ready to move on to Gemini at the end of the New Moon of Taurus... …not so fast!)

Occasionally, two Full Moons will occur during one sun sign cycle. Currently, this creates an amazing opportunity to deepen your connection to the Taurus energies. Now is the time to manifest beauty and light on a daily level in your life. This second full moon asks for real, practical confirmation and commitment.

Again, the phrase for Taurus is "I see and when the eye is opened, all is illumined." Do you truly see? What do you choose to see? Do you see what is actually before you or what you expect to see because you have always looked in the same way?

From a Hand Analysis perspective now is the time to combine the skill sets from the past two LUNAPHASES; Permeability and Living Through the Five Senses. We will call this hybrid the skill set of Sensual Connection to Source.

This is the skill set that gives you a handle on accessing a deeper sense of the world's beauty.

Here's how it works:
Given -- The degree to which you recognize beauty and acceptance in yourself is the degree to which you will see it in everything and everyone around you.

Conversely -- The degree to which you judge and find fault in yourself determines how you judge and find fault in others.

These next two weeks provide a heightened opportunity for you to side step your old, limiting patterns of perception so you can introduce and integrate new, broader ones.

During the Full Moon, it is time to turn inward.

Try this:
Notice over the next two weeks the situations in which you feel the most accepting and loving of yourself. Notice how effortless your experience is. Notice your location. Notice your company.

Also, notice where you are when you feel the most critical of yourself. Notice how much energy you focus on yourself and your faults. Notice your location. Notice your company.

When you effortlessly experience your true self is when you bring your light and beauty into the world.

If you need a little inspiration -- just look out your window.

There’s no denying it -- it is spring.

Even in New York City the lilacs bloom. The Brooklyn Botanical Gardens is home to 150 different varieties of lilacs from all over the world. Every May, for about two weeks, this garden explodes with purple and white blossoms and draws in crowds of people of all ages and nationalities. It is glorious. And the fragrance is intoxicating. Many, many people stick their nose in a bush and move on to the next -- inhaling deeply and comparing bouquets. It's like a human pollination experiment.

About a month ago, you may have said, "Yes, yes, I need more of this. I need to wake up, take a walk and appreciate this life I'm living." But have you done so? Are you taking practical steps to welcome a more enlightened way of living into your days?

We are preparing for the Full and New moon of Gemini, both of which have much to do with goodwill and the unification of humanity. The more we take responsibility for adding to the light in our lives -- the joy, the love, the beauty, the intuition-based living -- the more we prepare ourselves to truly work together as one.

During this profound second Taurus full moon, insist on seeing beneath the presentation. See the beauty dancing beneath the obvious.

Coming up on the Horizon:
It's the gathering of like-minded souls for the betterment of the world with the New Moon in Gemini on June 3rd and the Hand Analysis skill set of Making a Worldly Impact. (Really -- we mean it this time.)

Let us know what you have incorporated into your life. Let us know how your life is moving forward. We would love to hear from you (just email us or leave us a comment here on this blog)!

Sunday, May 4, 2008

TAURUS -- The New Moon of Beauty and Light

The beauty of forward motion: The next two weeks are the perfect time to activate forward movement in your life -- sustained by accessing your sensuality with the New Moon in Taurus and the Hand Analysis Skill set of Living Through the Five Senses.

TAURUS -- The New Moon of Beauty and Light
Monday, May 5, 2008, 5:18 am PDT


Your day has begun. You're getting out of bed. Stop. Breathe. Look at something beautiful. Perhaps your eye lands on a picture in your room. Perhaps you have flowers in a vase. You can even close your eyes and imagine something or someone beautiful. Take three deep breaths, focusing on your heart. And only now, go make your English muffin.

The New Moon in Taurus offers the opportunity to stabilize and replenish through beauty. Venus is the ruler of Taurus and offers the natural world or the beauty of the physical world as one of the most bounteous and lovely ways to replenish the spirit. Beauty! Beauty! Beauty! Breathe it in.

The key with Taurus is that once you have really SEEN the beauty that underlies everything and once you are filled with that beauty, you can't help but be irresistibly moved forward on a particularly beautiful path. Vulcan (an undiscovered planet) is the soul-centered ruler of Taurus and it is a planet that powerfully impresses us with will and power. It constructively and steadfastly aids our purpose. Each of is here for a reason, after all. Each of us has a gift of light to offer. Vulcan offers the power of persistence and strength to actually do something.

Now is the time for forward movement in your life. Hand Analysis offers the perfect skill set to help sustain that movement. Living through the five senses. In Hand Analysis, we look at beauty as a visceral expression of your five senses; sight, smell, sound, touch and taste.

Here's how it works: Your sustained forward motion lasts only as long as you are able to feed your five senses -- literally -- by living sensually.

Think of it as taking your multi-vitamin in the morning to help sustain you through your day.

Nurturing your sensuality is not a luxury. Feeding your five senses is a vital part of your daily life.

Don't let this happen to you: Burnout.

You know the symptoms; exhaustion, resentment, feeling that you -- and only you -- are carrying the world on your shoulders. It is very common to see this in our clients. Well-intentioned folk who are working their butts off to try to get ahead -- and sacrificing self-care in the process.

Recently, Lynn attended a baby shower for a wonderfully popular mom-to-be. There were 40 women there to celebrate. What struck Lynn was how focused the women were -- seemingly they were all in the working business world. The shower was scheduled during a mid-week lunch hour. The topic of conversation was about their jobs and careers. Then they settled down to watch the guest of honor open her presents. It was amazing how the energy in the room shifted with every box that was opened. There was a collective sigh, ooh, ahh, as each booty, blanket, towel and robe was revealed. It was a visceral experience. It was clear -- these women were hardwired to provide wonderful, loving, soft, eye-pleasing, clean-smelling, sweet-sounding, safe items with careful consideration of an infant's sensory experience. Somewhere along the line, there is a disconnect between understanding how vital that is for a baby and addressing the same needs in adulthood.

The next two weeks are the perfect time to build a stronger connection to nurturing your sensuality.

Try this:

Write down a list of your five senses:

• Sight
• Sound
• Smell
• Touch
• Taste

Now, take three deep breaths and settle in.

Next to each sense listed, write down the things that give you the strongest responses in that area.

• For Sight, it may be your favorite colors or favorite types of light -- sunlight, moonlight, candle light.

• For Sound, it may be bird songs, Spanish classical guitar music or the constant sound of planes flying overhead. (When Lynn's family moved from Queens, NY to a quiet town, her 7-year-old brother wasn't able to go to sleep without the sound of planes at night.)

• For Smell, it may be lilacs, rose, sandalwood, baking apple pie, BBQ ribs.

• For Touch, it may be your sheets or towels or lukewarm water.

• For Taste, it may be melted chocolate, fresh blueberries, homemade whipped cream, BBQ ribs.

Ask yourself how you can incorporate your favorite things into your daily life. The next two weeks provide extra support in this area. Now is the time to act.

Let us know what you have incorporated into your life. Let us know how your life is moving forward. It's a very exciting time now. We would love to hear from you (just email us or leave us a comment here on this blog)!

Coming up on the Horizon:
It's the gathering of like-minded souls for the betterment of the world with the Full Moon in Gemini on May 20th and the Hand Analysis skill set of Making a Worldly Impact.